For Band Alumni

Calling all former Lincoln Band members!

The Lincoln Band has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success over our 35-year history. And it's all thanks to the hard work, energy, and time dedicated by our incredible alumni that have worked so hard to make our band what it is today. With an alumni base of approximately 1,000 former members, we want to make sure everyone who's ever been a part of the Lincoln Band remains a part of the family, and stays involved and informed about our current activities.

We've created three new ways for you to do this! One is to click the link to the right, and sign up for the Lincoln Band's listserv so that we can keep you informed about our ongoing activities in the band program.

The second way to stay involved is to check out our Facebook page! Our website is a great source of communication and information, but we want our former and current Lincoln Band students to be able to connect (or re-connect) and keep in touch with each other! We'll post photo albums, performance excerpts, and invitiations to upcoming concerts and special events on here, so make sure to become a fan of our new Facebook page!

And finally, we're the most excited about the opportunity to feature our alumni members right here on this page. Coming soon, there will be information posted here on how you can submit your current whereabouts and activities to keep the Lincoln Band family informed about what you're doing since you've graduated. We will post the details right here on this page, along with a picture if you have one. We look forward to hearing from all our alumni, but especially those who have gone on to pursue college or professional activities in the musical realm. We hope our former members will serve as inspiration for our future Lincoln Band members in seeing what their musical education has done for them!

If you have other ideas on ways that we can stay involved with our alumni, please share them with us through the "Contact Us" link above! We love to hear from our former members, and are excited about keeping better in touch with our "family" even after they've graduated. Don't forget to check back soon for more information about our Alumni News section!


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